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Windows Live Mail Password Recovery 1.0.6

Shareware $20 (USD 50)

Windows Live Messenger Password Recovery is a program dedicated to recover lost or forgotten Passwords of MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail and Windows Messenger stored on the local system.

Internet Cleanup Mac 5.0

Shareware $29.99

Detection and prevention give you twice the protection! Internet Cleanup 5 detects and stops online intruders, keeps your private information safe and blocks annoying web ads!

Privacy Protection utility 6.2

Shareware $6.99

Keep your PC safe. Protect your privacy and your personal information. Clean up all the unwanted history data on your computer.

CKM Keylogger Lite

Shareware $5.00 (EUR 4.00)

Each keystroke logging, recording programs' launches, visited web-sites and search engines' queries by CKM SYSTEMS for parental control purposes with Clipboard logging function

abylon SELFCERT 11.00.2


This Tool create self-signed test certificates (X.509 v3) for private use. It is very easy to create and you can encrypt your data with this certificate.

LifeLock 1.0


LifeLock resource program for windows operating system. Use LifeLock promotion code DEFENSE to receive your exclusive discount on services.

Disk Wiper 10 (64-bit) Professional

Shareware $149.95

Disk Wiper Professional irreversibly destroys all on-disk data in compliance with major national government and military data erasure standards, as well as the most comprehensive academic wipe algorithms, thus providing maximum level of security.

Universal Shredder 2.546


Universal Shredder - Internet and PC cleaning utility. It's loaded with some excellent features, such as One Click Clean option, File Shredder, Cookie Browser and lots more that will assist you to maintain your PC strictly Private as well as clean.

Max File Shredder 2.9

Shareware $29.95

Max File Shredder permanently delete files, folders, and deleted data from the recycle bin. Max file shredder allows deleting the history stored by windows and Internet Explorer and any other application completely and protect your privacy

Hitonic MIDlet Protector 2.1.1

Shareware $59.77

Hitonic MIDlet Protector modifies MIDlet JAR/JAD files and sets limitations on launching MIDlets (launch count, launch date, runtime limitations). MIDlet launch limitation can be turned off by activation (activation code, password, SMS sending).

Trillian Astra Password Recovery

Shareware $15.00 (USD 30.00)

Trillian Password Recovery is a software that can find all the accounts on Trillian and Trillian Astra in your computer, extract encrypted passwords and decryption.

ProtectStar Data Shredder Freeware


Use the most popular and award-wining ProtectStar Data Shredder Freeware, which ushers in an intelligent generation of solutions for secure deletion of sensitive data.

PDF Password Unlocker for Mac 3.1.43

Shareware $39.95 (EUR 29.95)

PDF Password unlocker for Mac recovers user and owner passwords for PDF files in case they were lost or forgotten. It guarantees the recovery of complicated and long passwords for PDF documents created in all versions of Adobe Acrobat up to v.9.

Restrictions Remover .PDF

Shareware $15.00 (USD 40.00)

Do you have Restrictions in your PDF file? You can not add text, you can not copy text, you can not print your document, you can not extract text, graphics, annotations? Do not worry more Rectrictions Remover.PDF can access them with just one click.

DRE Hard Disk Eraser 1.1

Shareware $49 (GBP 34.99)

Software to erase the data stored on a hard disk. Supports multiple drives and wipes them all simultaneously.

Real Hide IP

Shareware $19.95

Real Hide IP is easy-to-use privacy software which allows you to change your IP address and surf anonymously. It protects your privacy and helps you prevents identity theft and guards against hacker intrusions, all with the click of a button.

Process Heap Viewer 4.5


ProcHeapViewer is the Smartest Tool to quickly enumerate process heaps on Windows.

Clean Space 2013.07

Shareware $24.95

This program is easy and professional tool to clear history of visited web sites, clear index.dat files, remove cookies, cache, delete log files, delete temporary internet files, autocomplete search history and other tracks, which collected about you

Prevent Recovery 6.37

Shareware $12.95

This program makes deleted files and folders unrecoverable. It will overwrite all free space on your hard disks that can contain fragments of deleted files with some random data. It uses several security algorithms.

LAlarm - Free Laptop Alarm 5.7 B


LAlarm is free laptop alarm software, which sounds an alarm when a thief tries to steal a laptop and it recovers and destroys sensitive data if the laptop is stolen. Also alarms when the battery is under stress to prolong the battery lifetime.