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Physiognomy Studio 1.2


Physiognomy Studio is a comprehensive software program that can analyze your face features and give you a face reading session by your digital photo picture.

Astroccult Feng Shui KUA Fortune Teller 2.0


Astroccult Feng Shui KUA Fortune Teller is a 100% free handy software to calculate instantly Feng Shui KUA number with lucky / unlucky directions & 200 feng shui tips, remedies & enhancements. This knowledge can make one wealthy, healthy and happy.

Astroccult Rahu Kalam Calculator 1.0


Astroccult Rahu Kalam Calculator is a software tool to calulate accurately Rahu Kalam (Rahu Kaal), YamaGandam and Gulika Kalam. In Indian Astrology, Rahu Kalam, YamaGandam and Gulika Kalam are inauspicious periods of time in a day which are avoided.

Biorhythms Calculator 2014 Amateur 2.0


Discover your good and bad days by charting, comparing, and analyzing your biorhythms (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Intuitive, Mastery, Passion, Wisdom, and others) in a professional new software in Graph, Table, Report, and 6 other views.

2008 Calendar Chinese New Year 9.11.22


2008 Calendar Chinese New Year performs date conversion between the Gregorian Solar Calendar and the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

StarLove 5


StarLove Birth Chart Matching software for lovers and friends. This software compares the birth charts of two people and indicates the easy and challenged areas in their relationship. Indicates the best days to have fun and romance.

Virtual FortuneTeller: Lenormand 2009

Shareware $19.95 (EUR 14.90)

"Virtual Fortune Teller: Lenormand" uses Maria Lenormand's deck - a simple and effective approach to fortunetelling. Interactive, multimedia software...visit a professional fortuneteller. Thousands of card meanings and their combinations.

qNumerologist 1.01


qNumerologist is a 100% free handy numerology advisor that instantly generates a numerology forecast report on personality, health, lucky items like lucky days, months, gemstones, colors based on birth, name and fate numbers.



The project YES or NOT - is your big step to the world of acceptance of correct and successful decisions, answers to any questions which you only can imagine to yourselves! Program work is based on principles of modern psychology and researches.

Prashna Kundali Explorer 1

Shareware $23 (INR 650.)

Prashna Kundali Explorer is the world's only horary software based on Vedic Horary Astrology (Prashna) system. The software gives you complete analysis of your query based on Vedic astrology along with numerous charts suitable for analysing the query

Online predicting fetal gender 1.0


Predicting baby gender, an online test to predict fetal's gender using a variety of pregnancy characteristics, no need download and install, fit for all platforms.

Visual Tarot Professional Program 13.3.14

Shareware $12.99

With Visual Tarot you can: 1. Learn Tarot, Spreads, Decks, Meanings of the cards; 2. Keep your existing readings (made with original Tarot Cards) in the "Diary"(place like the database); 3. Read the Tarot Cards on your computer

Numerology 369 1.2

Shareware $14.95

Professional numerology software featuring four different numerology systems, interactive processing and very detailed reports.

Bio Pie 1.0

Shareware $29.99

Bio PIE can be used on a daily basis to generate one’s biorhythm charts for the day. This software simply requires your birth date, and makes reliable predictions since it is based on the lunar cycle.

Mate Matcher 2.0


Mate Matcher - is a love calculator, which lets you calculate your love for your partner. Also the site lets you find your dream mate.

Become Happy 4.6

Shareware $29.90 (EUR 24.90)

Increase your happiness by having this universal software affect your endorphin hormone (hormone of happiness). Become Happy slightly changes look and feel of your desktop, of all windows opened and all the music and sound playing.

Visualize Law of Attraction 1.0


Create your law of attraction dreamboards, view, print and save them in HTML. The universal law of attraction helps you attract in your life everything you want. However it is necessary to create and test dreamboards before you begin visualization

Visionboard screensavers 1.0


A software with bundled "vision board" screensavers to apply law of attraction portably and effectively everywhere you go and eliminates the hassle of manually making a vision board from paper or cardboard. See your dream flashing upon your screen .

Advanced Biorhythms 2011.2.5

Shareware $17

Program that forecasts your physical, emotional, intellectual, and intuitional biorhythms. It has unique user-friendly interface, handy calendar of cylcles, and comprehensive prognosis.

The Secret Test 1.0


Check if you're ready to experience the power of the Law of Attraction. If you're familiar with the law of attraction basics, you should know, thatyou must prepare your mind before you achieve what you want. This quiz tests your personality.

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